bright spark

bright spark
 Fine or clever fellow. (Usu. ironical.)

A concise dictionary of English slang (2nd edition) . . 2015.

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  • bright spark — (often ironic) A person who has many good ideas • • • Main Entry: ↑spark * * * bright spark Brit informal + disapproving : a person who says or does something that seems intelligent but is really not Who s the bright spark who came up with this… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bright spark — bright sparks N COUNT If you say that some bright spark had a particular idea or did something, you mean that their idea or action was clever, or that it seemed clever but was silly in some way. [BRIT, INFORMAL] I should have realised that genius …   English dictionary

  • bright spark — noun informal, often ironic a clever or witty person. bright spark a lively person. → spark …   English new terms dictionary

  • bright spark — Ⅰ. bright spark ► NOUN ironic ▪ a clever or witty person. Ⅱ. ► bright spark a lively person. Main Entry: ↑spark …   English terms dictionary

  • bright spark — noun a) A person who is intelligent, clever or quick witted. Johns youngest is doing well at school. Hes a bit of a bright spark, isnt he? b) Sarcastically, a person who lacks intelligence, or who has displayed ignorance, foolishness or poor… …   Wiktionary

  • Bright spark — alert; foolish …   Dictionary of Australian slang

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  • bright spark — /ˈbraɪt spak/ (say bruyt spahk) noun Colloquial an enterprising and resourceful person …  

  • (a) bright spark — a bright spark british informal phrase someone who is clever or who has a clever idea This word is usually used for showing that you think someone is stupid Some bright spark suggested a midnight swim. Thesaurus: someone who is intelligent or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • (a) bright spark — British & Australian an intelligent person. Some bright spark was clearing up and threw my invitation away …   New idioms dictionary

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